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Teachers of Ros Schoolhouse


Teacher Ros


Ros, a mother of 3 boys, started her school as a platform to encourage parents to be more involved in their children’s years of learning, in terms of academic, as well as moral upbringing of their children.


She wanted to lay a good foundation of learning for her children before formal education in primary 1. Thus, she designed and introduced language arts, early math concepts (left brained skills) using right brain methods with them.


She also wanted her children, not to be just academically smart, but also have a worldly knowledge of things that are happening around them. So she introduced and exposed them to a variety of general knowledge and current affairs that opened a whole new avenue of learning for her boys!


What started as a humble sharing from her home with friends, developed into a successful, “boutique-style” enrichment center that today, sees patronage of students from all corners of Singapore.

Teacher Ros is an experienced Primary English and Math Teacher, specializing in teaching essential grammar techniques and the art of creative writing.


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