Teachers of Ros Schoolhouse


Teacher Ros


Ros, a mother of 3 boys, started her school as a platform to encourage parents to be more involved in their children’s years of learning, in terms of academic, as well as moral upbringing of their children.


She wanted to lay a good foundation of learning for her children before formal education in primary 1. Thus, she designed and introduced language arts, early math concepts (left brained skills) using right brain methods with them.


She also wanted her children, not to be just academically smart, but also have a worldly knowledge of things that are happening around them. So she introduced and exposed them to a variety of general knowledge and current affairs that opened a whole new avenue of learning for her boys!


What started as a humble sharing from her home with friends, developed into a successful, “boutique-style” enrichment center that today, sees patronage of students from all corners of Singapore.

Teacher Ros is an experienced Primary English and Math Teacher, specializing in teaching essential grammar techniques and the art of creative writing.


Teacher Sonia


Sonia’s high energy and cheerful personality has been pivotal in capturing young children’s attention at our school.


She was the Centre Director (Principal) at La Petite Educare Centre for 15 years before she stepped down to look after her children in 2005. Though she is a native of Beijing, she has been living in Singapore for the past 23 years and has since been localized! And best of all, she is totally bilingual!


Since joining Ros Schoolhouse in 2009, she has contributed tirelessly in teaching and curriculum development. Her expertise in craftwork and the Chinese language has contributed extensively to the ever-changing and diverse projects in our school.


Sonia holds several Diplomas and Certificates in Early Childhood Care and Education , Speech and Drama, Phonetics, Teaching Han Yu Pin Yin, Teaching Chinese in pre-school……


She is also a Neurofeedback technician and works closely with Dr. Joseph Guan of Brain Enchancement Centre.

Teacher Sonia currently teaches the Pre-school Enrichment Classes as well as Primary Math Classes.

Teacher Wendy

I come from a family of teachers... My Dad, my uncle, my sister, and my aunts. Education was and is still important in my family....not because of the end result but of the journey. I was born and brought up in Penang.

Strangely enough, I wandered into customer service starting with Singapore Airlines where I spent a great portion of my career as a stewardess and on ground supporting the Premium Passenger Services. From there, I have worked in various companies (Hyatt Regency, Elizabeth Arden, Resort World) and Statutory Boards (NEA and currently STB),  giving me enormous exposure to different people. In all these               capacities as a Customer Service Officer or a Supervisor, coaching was very much part  and parcel of my job description.

I enjoyed imparting knowledge and it gave me a great sense of fulfillment. It was in 2012 that took up a course in Language and Drama with the Trinity Guildhall. Armed with a Grade 8 and registered with the Ministry of Education, I have done stints at Xingnan Primary School, Changi Secondary School to name a few.

I have 2 grown up children, journeyed with the ups and downs, the demands of the education system as well as having to manage my expectations and accepting what each child is capable of giving. Having said all of this, I hope that you will give me the opportunity to take this road with you and your child.

I end my introduction here with 2 little quotes: "We worry about what a child will become tomorrow, yet we forget that he is someone today" and "Encourage your children because you have no idea what they are truly capable of”.

Teacher Wendy currently teaches  the Primary English Classes.

Teacher Sue

I have achieved a highly accomplished career as a Special Education Teacher at the Association for Persons with Special Needs (APSN). Starting as an Instructor at the APSN Centre for Adults, I went on to become a teacher at APSN Delta Senior School and then, Tanglin School.

I graduated from Charles Sturt University in Australia with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology & Sociology. In 1998 – 1999 I attended the Nanyang Technological University, (NIE) and received my Diploma in Special Education. I have since attended many educational courses to enhance my teaching skills; attaining a Certificate in Autism among others.

Teacher Sue currently teaches the Primary English Classes.

Teacher Joyce
Teacher Joyce

A mother of 2 children and 1 little doggy, Joyce has been in the teaching industry for more than 20 years.  She started as a corporate soft skills trainer and transitioned into literacy skills both in curriculum development and delivery.  

With a Masters in HRM and Training, she continued to develop her skills and graduated with a CELTA (Certificate in English Language Training to Adults).  She has taught a myriad of students ranging from working adults (locals and foreigners),  students (locals and foreigners, Pri - Youth).  

Joyce was also part of the pioneer team in WDA (Workforce Development Agency) in designing and developing the National Workplace Literacy Programme.  As such, she understands the National literacy standards required in the workforce.  

In addition to teaching, she has also developed numerous curriculum for corporate clients, statutory boards and education institutions and centres.

Joyce has a passion for teaching and a strong desire to inspire others to enjoy and appreciate the English language.