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Basic Creative Writing Workshop

     Primary 4 - Primary 6

     6 lessons


Developing a Great Story

* A Captivating Beginning

* don't tell me, show me!

* LEt's conclude!

 Creative Writing

Class  P4 -P6

'The sound of ripping pages echoed through the quiet library. I was startled. I glanced around and to my horror, I saw a girl gleefully ripping out the pages off a library book!'




                      Lim Zheyu, Primary 2

'Tears welled up in my eyes as I clutched my head in pain. The bully was snarling at me. I knew I had to do something about it. I plucked up my courage and boldly stood up. I gave him a scorching look and gave him a stern warning, “You’d better not bully me again or I will tell Mdm Fan!'     



              Written by Yan Zhen, P4

'When Tom reached home, he found that his phone was not in his bag. He was on the verge of tears as he continued to search for it in his bag. Tom tried to hold back his tears while he tried recall where he last left his phone......'




                               Talia, Primary 3

'Deep in thought, I trudged home from school........


'I waited till 11pm that night and dressed myself up in black from head to toe. I crept into the house stealthily........



                              Caleb , Primary 6

 Creative Writing


“Don’t just tell me, Show me!”

(Building content and plot with “show and not tell” techniques.)


“What’s in my burger?” 

(Planning and building up an effective strong plot.)


“Once Upon A Time….”

(Entice your audience from the very beginning with captivating starters.)


“It’s A Wrap!”

(Make the ending meaningful to compliment your captivating start.)


Situational Writing (P5/P6)

 (Formal and Informal Emails, letters or report writing)

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