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About Us

Your number 1 family friendly center providing both Parents and their precious little ones with resources to enhance both physical and social development .


Ros Schoolhouse Enrichment Program is specially designed to provide young children an opportunity to fulfill their utmost potential through early introduction and exposure to essential skills and concepts.

Boring? No Way!!!

At Ros Schoolhouse, learning is never boring! Our lessons are packed with activities that will pique the burgeoning curiosity of the young ones. From general knowledge to evergreen learning favourites like dinosaur, solar system......, our content is constantly updated and improved. Topics are interlinked and current affairs are introduced to keep out curriculum fresh and always exciting.


At Ros Schoolhouse, essential skills and concepts are acquired through a fun and unconventional curriculum featuring World Arts, Music, History, Cooking and Craft Work. Low teacher-student ratio and the parent-accompanied focus also allows each child to learn actively, grow and fulfill their utmost potential.


Meet Our Staff


Founder, Owner and Teacher Extraordinaire!


Ros, a mother of 3 boys, started her school as a platform to encourage parents to be.....

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